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My friends, I realize I have been MIA for many weeks now… and I blame chemo. And cancer.


I’m basically playing all of the cards I have to play just because I can! I quite simply got caught up with everything that was happening and this blog took a backseat.


But I am back.


I’m back because people have been asking me about what’s going on, people have been asking me if I’m still blogging and people have been giving me really positive feedback on how I’ve been sharing my journey so far – so I really want to keep it going!


Thank you all for the positive feedback, encouragement and support.


Now, as you can see, I had the opportunity to get away six months into my cancer treatment, and it was an absolute gift.


I am feeling so grateful for so much in my life, and it is important to focus on all of those things as often as I can.


I’m grateful for my friends who made this trip happen; I know what kind of effort and planning it took to get it done!


I’m grateful for science, because it’s the reason why I’ll be ok at the end of all this.


I’m grateful for what my body is capable of, and that health and fitness has made a massive difference in my experience so far.


And finally I’m grateful for ALL of the support I get online, in person, from friends, from family, and from total strangers – all of it. So, thank you.



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