About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsy.

I’ve been working in health and fitness for over 15 years, and I’ve been navigating my own health and fitness for as long as I can remember. I believe that physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness, and one can’t work without the other. 

I caught the entrepreneurial bug when I was in my early 20’s, opening my first business as a brick and motor fitness studio, and have been navigating my way through the self employed world ever since. Now that we’re living in a largely virtual world, I’m constantly finding ways to adapt and improve my business practices to help as many people as I can to improve their lives.

I pursued my Master Life Coach certification in 2021 because I knew why I had been through everything I’ve been through – to help others get through it even better than I did. I have been training for this my whole life, and my whole career. The experience and skills I gained as a fitness professional for the last 15+ years has made me the coach I am today, and the experience and empathy I gained as a lifelong patient has prepared me properly to help you sort through everything you’ve experienced or everything that’s still coming your way.

My personal belief is that our time on this earth is the most valuable thing we have. I always lived with the belief that my health could change in the blink of an eye, and the things I was enjoying could go away at any moment – because that was my experience. And when I was diagnosed with cancer, my commitment to that belief became even stronger.

It doesn’t mean I was happy and doing things every minute of every day. I acknowledge the reality that our health situations may prevent us from living like that, but what I mean is that we find purpose and strength in every minute and learn to navigate our emotions and thoughts through the ups and downs that are inevitable. You can’t outrun these obstacles, but you can use them to your advantage. New mindsets create new outlooks, and new outlooks create a brighter understanding and more happiness and fulfillment. 

A positive mindset and mental toughness are what will get you through what’s thrown in your direction. I’d love the opportunity to talk to you more about that, give me a chance to show you how I can help you

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the digestive system and creates health havoc in almost all systems of the body at an abnormally young age. I don’t remember life before it, I was always the sick child, the sick friend, the sick sibling, the sick one… It’s something that was etched into my identity a long time ago. My strategy of fitting in to be as normal as possible became my lifeline, and as I grew I give my ability to adapt  to the autoimmune disease credit for making me the person I am today. 



I also have experience with cancer, specifically breast cancer – but cancer is cancer. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2018, and I had to quickly undergo a radical mastectomy, 8 rounds of chemo, 25 rounds of radiation and 18 rounds of targeted treatment. There were 3 more surgeries, and countless scans, scares, hospitalizations, infections, complications, treatments and SO much figuring it out as I go. If you know cancer, then you know. You probably also know that when you enter remission, or are declared cancer-free, or have to learn to live with chronic cancer, then that is when the hard part really starts. That’s when the support changes drastically, both from medical professionals and the people around you, and that is when the mind games really get going.

What else makes me, me?

I am married, and a mother of two young children. Being their momager one day is a goal of mine. I believe confident children are the secret to helping them grow into stellar humans, so it’s something I work at every single day. 

My fitness certifications include personal trainer specialist, fitness instructor, bootcamp instructor, pre and post natal specialist, nutrition and wellness specialist, clean eating, children’s fitness coach specialist and Zumba instructor. 

I started my first fitness business at 22 years old, and have been a fitness entrepreneur for over 15 years. Specializing in women’s fitness and health. In 2020 I restarted my business in the COVID virtual world as a corporate virtual fitness instructor and personal trainer. 

My go-to positive mindset hacks are a good playlist, sun on my face, feet on the ground in nature, exercise, and time laughing with family and friends. Travel will be my top go-to once that’s something we can all easily participate in again!

Trying new things and getting uncomfortable is the best way to grow, and the best way to create your own happiness

“The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill