About Me

My name is Lindsy Matthews, and I’d like to introduce myself as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, business owner and setback-to-comeback extraordinaire. I’ve been working in fitness for over 13 years now, and it all began when I took a personal interest in nutrition and exercise in my early 20’s, just as I was entering remission from a life long struggle with the autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis. Over the years I’ve come in and out of remission, I’ve had a couple children, and I’ve recently battled an aggressive form of Breast Cancer – and won.

Through every single challenge that’s been thrown my way, I have always faced it head on with the determination to live a life as full as possible and not let anything stand in my way. I’m passionate about helping others find enjoyment in exercise as a regular part of their life, and relate to the challenges that many people face when it comes to making it happen. I also encourage people to use nutrition as a tool to support overall health, strength and happiness.

My certifications as a fitness professional include Personal Trainer Specialist, Bootcamp Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Specialist, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Children’s Fitness Coach, Fitness Kickboxing Coach, Zumba Instructor, CPR & First Aid. I also have an Honors BA in Community Health Sciences at Brock University and I am committed to constant ongoing professional and personal development. I started out as a personal trainer for a large chain gym, before taking on the adventure of starting my own women’s only fitness studio in downtown Toronto. After a few years of finding my entrepreneurial legs our business was sold in order to move onto a new adventure – starting a family and moving out of the city! During that time, and since then I’ve become an independent contractor for private fitness studios, private clients, and large corporations.

Another big part of who I am as a person and fitness professional is my belief in growth mindset, and having a positive outlook in life. Positivity isn’t something that I was born with, it is something I work on every single day. It is a skill that I practice daily, and it is what allows me to enjoy every part of life despite what hardships or challenges I may be dealing with. This is one of the things I like to motivate others to practice as well, because it plays such a big part in any kind of positive change. I am not a fan of using exercise as a punishment or something you have to suffer through in order to achieve a perfect goal weight. I encourage people to see exercise as a gift, and to have an appreciation for being healthy enough to challenge our bodies in a safe and enjoyable way. Exercise is a powerful tool for physical and emotional health, and it’s something I believe in so much that I’ve built my career around the passion and purpose I feel to help others achieve this outlook as well.

I believe that new challenges and experiences, and learning new skills are the best way to integrate health and fitness into your life. When you’re working towards something new, you’re more motivated because it’s exciting. I’ve personally always loved to set the bar high, because it  helped me focus on what was on the other side of any setback I was currently experiencing. It’s incredible what achieving goals can do for your emotional health, and of course you’ll be stronger for it!

I’m also a fan of leading and motivating by example. When you’re making positive changes in your life it’s your friends, family and colleagues who are also more motivated to do the same. As a mother of two, I realize that our children are watching our every move, and are extremely likely to follow in our foot steps. So it’s important to set your children up for success in health and fitness simply by letting them watch you make yourself a priority, and they’ll learn that it’s a completely normal and important part of life.

We can’t control all the events that happen to us, but we can control how we respond to them. That is where our power is.

We can choose to see a negative situation as a positive learning experience – and life becomes infinitely better when we do!