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A little about me.

Overcoming health adversity with a positive mindset and resilience has become my superpower. Diagnosed with autoimmune disease as a child, early stage breast cancer as a young mom and now living with incurable stage 4 metastatic breast cancer – I’ve learned how to turn the worst thing that’s ever happened to you into some of the best experiences of your life. 


Using humour and storytelling I help audiences large or small realize that overcoming health adversity can become your superpower. I help people live differently and advocate for others to be involved in their medical care.  

Life Coaching

As your life coach, I will become your cooperative partner in your growth and personal development during or after your experience with a major health crisis. I will help you see strength in your sickness and your challenges as your assets. 

Let's work together.

Life is good, even when it is impossibly hard. And it is always worth fighting for. When you're having the worst year of your life, you can make it the best year of your life. You'll watch me keep proving it.

My ultimate goal is to help transform the way you live your life, so no matter what comes your way you can handle it. I want you to create more joy, gratitude and purpose for yourself, and above all else keep life fun!

"Lindsy Matthews is one of the most impactful speakers I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Her stage presence is both approachable and commanding and she delivers a message of hope and resilience with powerful stories and humour. Lindsy knows how to captivate an audience and her takeaways are universally relevant. ."
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