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Life Coach

My personal and professional purpose is to help others live a better quality life. Time is the most valuable commodity in this life, so it’s important to make sure you’re enjoying it while you navigate all of the very difficult challenges it presents. Our health runs in the background of almost everything we do – and that becomes extremely apparent when your health changes drastically. It’s my mission to make sure you adapt and thrive through any health crisis that comes your way.  

Life Coaching

As your life coach, I will become your cooperative partner in your growth and personal development during or after your experience with a major health crisis. I will help you see your sickness as strength – and your challenges as assets.

Fitness Coaching & Personal Training

Personal training is offered in person locally, or virtually anywhere in the world. Or, create a private group for your company, colleagues, or friends and family for a virtual workout program. Get healthier, manage stress, build confidence, have fun, and increase performance at work and in life.

Here are some options
that I offer.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate exercise into your life. Whether you like team sports, meeting up with an awesome group of women once a week for Bootcamp, going for long-distance runs, or doing online Yoga sessions – there are so many options these days! You need to figure out what you enjoy, what motivates you, and find the individuals you relate to and feel inspired by to get you there! A little practice, education, and accountability are what will get you to a place where you feel confident, fit, and achieve the kind of health that’ll allow you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

My ultimate goal is to help my clients transform the way they participate in their lives, so no matter what comes their way they can handle it. I want them to create more joy, gratitude and purpose for themselves.

Life coaching is cool.
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