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You’re still working out, right?

I’m totally speaking to all of my clients who are currently unable to workout with me. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Hey guys, I still see you! I’m obviously talking to everyone too, because everyone should be working out regularly, for no other reason then it is GOOD FOR YOU! Didn’t you hear? So, I put on my personal trainer hat for a few and put this together for you guys!


This at home workout is easy to follow and requires no equipment.


Simply perform each exercise for 50 repetitions, no matter how long it takes.

Perform the 1 minute skipping interval. (Replace with other medium intensity cardio if you need to)

Move on to the next exercise for 50 repetitions, and so on.



50 Squats: Feet shoulder width apart, sit back while keeping chest up

50 Forward Lunges: Step forward into each lunge, and push back to standing, alternate legs.

50 Caterpillars: Start standing with legs close together, keep them straight as you bend down and crawl out into a plank, then crawl backwards up keeping legs straight to starting position

50 Wide Squats: Take a wider stance, as wide as it’s comfortable and squat down

50 Push Ups: Plank position, lower chest to the ground, and back up

50 Triceps dips: Grab a chair, couch or stair – sit on it, then lift butt and step out, lower up and down bending at the elbows

50 Back Lunges: Step backwards into a lunge and then pull back to standing position, alternate legs

50 Up/Down Planks: Get into plank position on elbows, then lift up onto hands, lower back to elbows, lift up to hands – maintaining plank the whole time, and alternate leading arm

50 Toe Touches: Standing, with legs locked straight, stretch arms above your head, then touch your toes, and then straighten all the way back up keeping legs straight and weight in heels

50 Sit Ups: Lie down, knees bent and bring your body up into sitting position


Screen Shot that sh*t and GET IT DONE!

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