Women’s Only Bootcamp Classes

Burn calories, build lean muscle mass, and tone up your entire body! Bootcamp classes change every week, and even everyday! All to make sure you’re experiencing a variety of workout styles and keeping it fun!

Total Body Circuit

A total body workout circuit that will build strength, and tone and define all the muscles in your body.

Kettlebells & Cardio

Every used a Kettlebell before? They’re amazing at toning your entire body, and increasing your heart rate for a killer calorie burn! Plus it’ll be mixed in with some extra total body toning cardio, you’ll be hooked!

ABS & Cardio Tabata

Work your abs with tough core exercises, and burn a sh*t ton of calories with Tabata cardio training – you know, so you can actually begin to see those abs!

Fitness Kickboxing

The entire focus will be on kickboxing style strength and cardio moves. It’s fast paced, fun and an amazing way to sweat it out and tone muscles you never knew you had.

Bootcamp Drills

Think out of the box strength and cardio exercises. Relays, new moves, fun obstacle course type set ups, circuits and more.

Strength & Endurance

Shock your body by making it work harder and longer! This workout is broken up into sub-workouts to make sure it goes by fast, and to focus on one combination of moves at a time.


Timed 90, 60, and 30 second intervals that workout your entire body, and challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Change Challenge

Challenging your body equals change. And although this happens in every single workout – here you’ll really focus on self-improvement, and realize how fit you’re becoming, and are!

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