Personal Training, Private Groups & Corporate

Whether you are looking for one-on-one attention and programming, or if you are part of a group – I’m happy to go over what might work best for you. Over the course of my career I’ve helped hundreds of clients incorporate exercise into their weekly routine, helped them reach their goals and made sure it was an enjoyable experience! Nutrition, fitness and emotional health are all areas that I like to focus on in order to make it easier for you, as well as get you the results or outcome that you’re looking for.

One On One

I’m a professional motivator. I’ll get the most out of you, and deliver the most effective workouts and workout plan possible. Get this – you’ll actually want to eat healthy and stick to a nutrition plan, because I’ll make it not suck! Most importantly, I’ll make sure you don’t get too caught up in all the negative noise that typically accompanies any kind of weight loss or fitness program. It’s meant to be fun, effective and safe.


Individual Sessions: $98/hr

10 Sessions: $880 (save $100)

25 Sessions: $2200 (save $250)

Private Groups & Corporate

If you’re looking for a group training session, let’s make it happen. Friends, colleagues, whatever – I’ll evaluate the specific needs of the group, and come up with a great plan that will make everyone enjoy the workouts, and get closer to their goals. These sessions are always a lot of fun because everyone is a little familiar with each other, has something in common and collectively work hard to improve their health and overall well being – plus a little friendly competition never hurt anyone either!


Small groups (2-8): $120/hr+

Large groups (9 or more): $150/hr+

Corporate: $180/hr+

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